A Million Unheard Voices in Austria

The 2024 European Parliament election in Austria will be held on 9th June. Austria then is to pick its 20 members of the next European Parliament. For them to enter Parliament, the political parties running for election need to secure at least 4% of the votes cast.

Besides its 7 million nationals, Austria is today home to almost 1 million citizens from the remaining 26 member states of the European Union(1). Providing the general requirements are fulfilled (minimum age of 16 years, primary residence in Austria), they are all equally eligible voters in Austria.

However, EU citizens are not automatically included in the electoral roll, as is the case for municipal elections. Quite the contrary, they have to independently apply for inscription on Austria's European Electoral Register. With regards to the June parliamentary election, the registration deadline is set at 26th March 2024.

As this bureaucratic hurdle is largely unknown, the share of actually registered EU citizens is estimated to hover at just 5%. It follows that, at the last European Parliament election in 2019, roughly 550,000 people were unable to express their views at the ballot boxes in Austria, though their absence was never taken account of by the official abstention rate.(2) Paradoxically, it is these voters who are particularly affected by the policies of the European Union and, yet, who have the least to say in who should represent them in Parliament. 

Here you will find out how to smoothly navigate through the registration process for the European election in Austria.

Step by Step to Registration

Are you eligible to vote in Austria?

You are eligible to vote, if...

How do you register to vote as an EU citizen?

The registration in the European Electoral Register (the so-called Europa-Wählerevidenz) is carried out by the Austrian municipality, where you are principally residing

The registration deadline with regards to the June parliamentary election is 26th March 2024.

The addressee of your application usually is the electoral office of your municipality of residence. In Vienna, for example, this is the municipal department MA 62 "Wählerevidenz - Wahlen und direkte Demokratie".

What documents do you need?

You should prepare the following documents:

Note: Some municipalities have special requirements for applicants. In most cases, however, the application form, the attachment sheet and proof of identity are sufficient.

How do you submit your application?

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, you only need to either send them to the responsible office at your municipality or present them in the original.

You can submit your application either in writing (by e-mail or post) or in person. It is not possible to apply by telephone!

The addresses of the relevant offices for the nine most populous municipalities of Austria are listed here.


MA62 Wählerevidenz - Wahlen und Demokratie

Lerchenfelder Straße 4

1080 Wien

More info here.


Organisationsteam Wahlen

Schmiedgasse 26

8010 Graz

Tel: +43 316 872-5151

More info here.



Pass-, Melde- und Wahlservice

Neues Rathaus

Hauptstraße 1 - 5

4041 Linz

Tel: +43 732 7070 0 

Salzburg (City)


Saint-Julien-Straße 20

5024 Salzburg

Tel: +43 662 8072 3530


Referat Melde- und Einwohnerwesen - Unterstützungserklärungen Volksbegehren & Wahlen

Maria-Theresien-Straße 18 (1. Etg.)

6020 Innsbruck

Tel: +43 512 5360 8009



Kumpfgasse 20

9010 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Tel: +43 463 537-4444



Rathausplatz 1

9500 Villach

Tel: +43 4242 205 3911 


Melde-, Pass- und Wählerservice

Stadtplatz 1

4600 Wels

Tel: +43 7242 235 0

St. Pölten

Einwohner- und Wahlamt

Rathausplatz 1

3100 St. Pölten

Tel: +43 2742 333-3032

(Head of Office: Martin Koutny)

You can call up the address of your municipality via the link below. You will then find both the postal and e-mail address of the responsible office on the homepage of your municipality of residence.

There are no costs involved in processing your application.

What is Next?

Did you submit the complete application? 


You are now eligible to vote in the European Parliament elections in Austria. The application is required only once and is valid as long as you do not move your main residence abroad.

Now, you can simply wait for the official notification of the European elections. On 9th June 2024, you will join millions of EU citizens across all of Europe in voting for the next European Parliament.

Your vote counts!

Do you have any questions left?

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Tobias Hansen

Ina Dimitrieva

Further information on the elections can be found on the homepage of the Austrian Federal Government and the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI).

General information on the European elections can be found on the website of the European Parliament:

(1) As at1st January 2024, Statistik Austria counted 923,207 citizens of the EU-26.
(2) According to Statistik Austria, as of the first quarter of 2019, approx. 720,000 EU citizens were residing inside Austria. Roughly 80% are estimated to have fulfilled the age requirement of 16 years or over. However, on election day at the end of May, there were just shy of 39,000 EU citizens entitled to vote, as follows from the final data published by the Austrian Ministry of the Interior (BMI).